Library of the Year 2016

Itami City Library Kotobagura got grand prize of Library of the Year 2016. And Tokyo Gakugei University Special Committee of School Library Management got audience prize. Congratulations!
We would like to hear from you about Library of the Year 2016. Please see contact information.

Library of the Year 2016 held at Library Fair & Forum 2016(2016/11/09 15:30-17:00).
Press Release (in Japanese)(PDF:201KB)

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We post comments from the chairman of the selection committee and recipients of prizes of Library of the Year 2016.

New Topic

We released the press release (in Japanese) of Library of the Year 2016. We announce 4 organizations got prize (target of selection of grand prize) and 2 librarianship prize organizations. (2016/08/25)

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We opened IRI Project pages. You can check IRI projects quickly.

IRI : Intellectual Resource Initiative

IRI supports any activity and/or its association in related to Intellectual Resources.
IRI aims at innovation in society by archive and provision of intellectual information resource.
IRI supports the regional revitalization with intellectual resource.
As a group of professional people of Intellectual Resource, IRI is pleased to make a proposal which is apt for "knowledge society".

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